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Fayat Group

PTC, a Fayat Group Company

In 2004, the integration into the Fayat Group, a world leader in compaction equipment and France's N°1 in steelworks and N°4 in building and public works, definitely gave PTC new thrust to continue developing innovations in foundation equipments, adapting solutions to the market and enhancing customer satisfaction.  

Fayat, an International Group

In Brief:

  • No.1 independent construction group in France
  • 4th construction & civil engineering trades group in France
  • World leader in compacting equipment
  • French leader in steel construction
  • Only full-liner in road building equipment
  • 19,400 employees
  • 138 independent subsidiaries
  • A foothold in 120 countries
  •  Turnover in 2013: 3.5 MM€




Subsidiaries Directory | PDF - 171.94 kB

Fayat Corporate Brochure | PDF - 10.14 MB

2013 Results Brochure | PDF - 4.24 MB