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Total customer Service

Total Customer Service- A technician-web

PTC has the technology, the experience and the commercial network to provide customers with a full range of services during the entire machine life cycle.


PTC expert technicians ensure the commissioning, preventive maintenance and repairs worldwide.

Spare Parts

Spare parts

Wherever the customer is in the world, a  large range of spare parts, kept in our indoor storage facility, can be sent to satisfy the customer’s requirement in the shortest time possible.

Heavy Maintenance & Repairs

Heavy Maintenance & repairs- A technician

PTC machines are highly reliable and profit from long life cycle. However, the machines may occasionally require heavy maintenance and repair works, which are necessary to extend even more the life of the machine, for a very reasonable cost.   


PTC maintenance and repair activities are done in its industrial facility at Noisy-le-Sec, near Paris, (France).  When needed PTC technicians can fly over to work directly on the job site.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance guarantees a great performance by replacing components at predetermined intervals. 
To allow the customers become autonomous, the PTC technical team regularly trains the customer's technicians so they can perform themselves the preventive maintenance of their machines locally.

Rentals & Secondhand Equipment

Rentals & secondhand Equipment

More than100 new and used machines in PTC rental fleet  that can be rented to work worldwide. 
All the PTC products on the rental fleet are tested according to the highest level of quality. Moreover, each equipment set is fully reconditioned before being sold.

Training & Technical Expertise

Training and Technical expertise

The highly-experienced PTC engineers and technicians can provide technical advise to answer the specific needs of the different deep foundation applications.


Our technical team is trained to provide support on determining the best machine configuration according to the ground configuration, and advise on the best technique to use.