For windfarms, bridges and harbours

OFFSHORE Vibrodrivers

Offshore foundation works


PTC has been mastering vibration technology for several decades and has developed a range of Vibratory hammers that can drive very large and heavy piles in offshore projects, guaranteeing low noise emissions underwater that comply to the most recent environmental regulations.

PTC Vibrodrivers combine smart design and powerful technology.

These robust Vibrodrivers are highly reliable under extreme working conditions and are suitable for all types of offshore foundations works requiring to drive or extract :

Large diameter piles, Anchor piles, Dolphin piles, Mooring piles, Offshore wind turbine foundations (tripods, jackets, monopiles).

Technical support from the project to the jobsite

Our sales, engineering and service teams work in cooperation with our clients throughout all the project phases:

  • Geo-technical and driving prediction
  • Equipment choice
  • Customisation requirements
  • Transportation
  • Equipment commissioning
  • On-site training
  • On-site operations
  • Global after sales service

The offshore Vibrodriver range

PTC has developed the largest and most powerful vibrodriver range, allowing to drive piles weighing up to 1000 tons.

The Offshore vibrodriver ranging from the 120HD vibrodriver with an eccentric moment of to the 3x200HD vibrodrivers with an eccentric of 1500 for a maximum pile weight of 1000 tons.

For bridges, harbours and wind farms