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The increasing use of hydraulic excavators in piling jobs, has motivated PTC to develop a complete range of Vibrodrivers that are specifically designed to be mounted directly on  the stick of a wide range of excavators.

PTC excavator mounted Vibrodrivers allow to easily drive or extract a variety of profiles, such as: sheet piles, H beams, casings, concrete piles and wooden piles.

The range:

  • PH: Standard frequency & fixed eccentric moment Vibrodrivers.
  • PHF: High frequency  & fixed eccentric moment Vibrodrivers.       
  • PHFV: High frequency & variable eccentric moment Vibrodrivers.

Vibrodriver's Description:

vibrodrivers_excavator_Variable moment technology- UK

Note: *To know more about PTC Variable Moment Technology, please refer to the page Variable Moment Technology