For windfarms, bridges and harbours

Vibrodriver principle


Vibratory pile driving reduces the cohesion of the soil through vibration

The vibration of the profile causes the adjacent  ground to shift and  reduces the friction between the soil and the profile. The vibration allows to easilly drive the profile, or  extract it using in addition the pulling force of the crane.

Vibrodriver et groupe

In the gearbox, each eccentric pair turns at the same angular velocity but in opposite directions, producing a vertical vibration. Each eccentric generates a centrifugal force fc.

The horizontal components fh are offset at the same time that the vertical components fv are added, resulting in a total centrifugal force fc.

The yoke located above the gearbox prevents the transmission of vibrations to the crane,thanks to specially designed shock absorbers.


Vibrodrivers Brochure | PDF - 6.79 MB